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Turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

With KETO OS by Pruvit you’ll get:

  • Better Fat Loss
  • Better Mood
  • Better Focus
  • Better Strength
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Energy

Ketosis is the Key to cutting Fat and increasing Energy

Ketosis is when your body is efficiently burning fat as its primary fuel source rather than glucose.

In the Ketogenic diet, by limiting your carb intake and upping your fat intake you force your body to produce more ketones and use fat stores for energy. You’re burning stubborn body fat instead of easily available sugars.

Here’s what happens…

  • Better Weight Loss
  • Less Hunger
  • More loss of abdominal fat
  • Boost Mental and Physical performance
  • Improve Cognition and Acuity
  • Lowers Risk of Heart Disease
  • Increased Levels of HDL (the “good”) Cholesterol
  • Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

Pruvit KETO//OS Supplements are the Key

It’s not always easy keep your body in Ketosis. Sometimes you just can’t keep your carbs low enough to keep that Fat Burn going. That’s where KETO//OS comes in. Supplementing with the exogenous ketones in KETO//OS allows you to experience ketosis – the benefits of elevated blood ketone levels – without having to strictly follow a ketogenic diet.

Why Pruvit KETO//OS?


Say NO to Glucose!
Say YES to Ketones!
People around the globe are jumping on the Keto OS train due to the RESULTS they are seeing and feeling.


Pruvit uses only the purest, cleanest, safest and tested ingredients available!The possibilities are endless… improved insulin resistance, cognitive improvements, physical performance enhancement, WEIGHT LOSS…are just a few positive effects of Ketosis.


On the run? Need a pre-workout boost? Too busy to fix a proper breakfast? Need a snack in the afternoon? KETO//OS has On-the-Go packs because life is meant to be lived!